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When the Snow Stops Falling Part I

[October 2017 - March 2018]
This is the first scene from my bachelor graduation project called “When the Snow Stops Falling”. The scene is used for a start sequence and the actual gameplay starts inside the log cabin.
Used Speedtree Assets from Koola's Snow Example Project.

More info:

Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00038
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00039
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00044
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00046
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00048
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00047
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00049
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00043
Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00057

Unreal Buffer Visualization overview

Lea kronenberger highresscreenshot00058

Unreal Buffer Visualization overview

Lea kronenberger logcabin outside

log cabin in Unreal

Lea kronenberger logcabin outside wires

log cabin in Unreal - wireframe

Lea kronenberger uplox 2

The shader setup consists mainly of 2 material functions - first is for the base layer of the object and the second for the layered snow. It is highly customizable and i mainly used a handful of Substance wood materials for the whole scene.

Lea kronenberger uplox 1

The material instance for the bench and bin. The amount of snow e.g. can be controlled via parameter.

Lea kronenberger t bench01 bin01 bc

Some of the unique textures i made, for the bench and bin.

Lea kronenberger landscape 1

landscape material overview. It consists of some different textures to paint with, world displacement for more details and a height blended Layer for the snow.